jkw beauty 

why tan?

get a little color, the non-sunburn way. you won't have time to lay out, we promise there's too much planning to do.

get glowing for your big day

for the white dress

issa joke! but really, we offer tanning for the normal girlie going to the beach, special events, and weddings

if you can't tone it, tan it


girl's night.
just because.

beach glow in the comfort of your own home 

tanning party


What's the difference between other tans and JKW tans?

Custom Color. Hand-held Application. -- We use our expertise to help to assess color based on your skin tone and your desired color goals. We offer a multitude of brands and formulas to fit everyone's needs for color, showering timeline, and longevity. Once you try a hand airbrush custom tan, there's no turning back. 

How long does it last? 

Tans lasts around 5-9 days with proper hydration and care for your tan. The key to a longer lasting tan is to give the skin a good scrub (without oil based products) prior to tan session and care for the tan with proper hydration daily.

What are all the different formulas?

Basic Tan:  Contains8%, 10%, and 12% DHA options. provides an ideal tan for all skin types with 5-8 days wearability.  Fast drying, non-sticky, paraben-free. Shower anytime after 8 hours for processing. Organic, Natural, Water-based, infused with EcoCert DHA from France. Brands: South Seas, Perfect Glow 

Eco: Contains 6-14% DHA options. Organic, super hydrating, vegan, and cruelty free, canadian beauty standards. Long lasting (9+ days) Delivers a range of very light to rich brown tan. Processing time is for non express 12 hrs (shower before 24 hrs) and express 1 to 5 hrs with 24 hours in advance for full color development. Brand: Nuda

Express: Contains 12-14% DHA  with the convenience of showering in 1-4 hours. Fast drying, non-sticky, paraben-free. Organic, Natural, Water-based, infused with EcoCert DHA from France. *Note: It is imperative that the client is aware that it still takes a minimum of 8 hours for development, i.e. if they shower in 2 hours, full color won’t develop until 6 hours later and can get darker up to 24 hours later. Brands: South Seas, Perfect Glow  

Luxe: Contains 8-14% DHA options. Long lasting (9+ days), Ultra Hydrating, Aloe-Based.s. Created by celebrity tan artist Isabel Alysa, who's client list includes Kardashians, JLo, DojaCat, Cardi B, Becky G, Dorit K, and many more. Perfect options for all skin types. Brand: Dolce Glow 

I'm getting married, I want to tan. When should I tan, what formula options are best for me?

We recommend our to set up a trial tan in advnace of your wedding tan (at least 20 days before) and pre book a wedding tan before you leave the studio to access a special code for a discount on your second tan.

What do I do to prep my skin prior to tanning?

Follow our PREP page.

What should I wear to my tanning session?

Wear dark colored loose clothing that you can keep on for the rest of the day as the tan processes. You may wear a dark colored swimsuit, undergarments, and flip flops to your session. 

Does it smell or is it sticky? 

Our tanning products have been developed to dry instantly, minimal tackiness and smell. 

What happens after my tan? How can I make my tan last?

Do not work-out, run, or beach/swim for the 12 hours following your tan for best results. Use an alcohol-free gel body wash to avoid drying out the skin, and keep showers warm (instead of hot) and short. Lotion daily, twice if possible and always following the shower.  Use non aerosol sunscreen and waterproof sunscreen options when at pool or beach. Follow our PREP page.
Can you spray tan during pregnancy & breast-feeding? 

You can spray tan during pregnancy and breast-feeding. We have consulted the tanning companies we use, nurses, and more to ensure our product is safe for you and your baby-to-be. When breastfeeding, we will not tan your top area without bandeau, strapless bra, or nipple coverage etc to ensure there is no product where baby will be directly in contact with the skin. But, ultimately, we recommend to consult trusted midwifes, doulas, doctors, etc. 

Does it effect skin conditions?

The tanning formula is approved for all sensitive skins and special disorders of the skin, but if you have ever had a allergic reaction to ANY self-tanner, abstain from spray tanning.