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Majority of our work is on-site, and we know providing beautiful hair and/or make-up is just the beginning. We understand and adhere to  unpredictable lighting, complicated set-ups, tight schedules, and all the wonderful chaos of events and photoshoots. We remain calm and relaxed, offer our skin + makeup tips, and are super supportive during all the excitement and nerves. 

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After a decade in the beauty business, JKWbeauty has evolved into one of the most sought after make-up and hair teams in the area. In order to continue providing top notch services for all beauty needs, all of the artits who work under JKWbeauty go through mentorship and training with owner Jordan, in addition to notable outside course training from TemptuPro, MAC Cosmetics, Von Lee International, Graham Webb, Paul Mitchell Partner Schools, and more. Our team is full of artists who solely freelance, work in salons, for the local new stations, and local beauty bars. The variety of talent and artistic style is what makes our team different. Bring on the glam! 

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Hair + Makeup 



Hair + Makeup Artist


Hair + Makeup Artist

Hair + Makeup


Hair +

Hair + Makeup Artist

Mama, Wifey, Dog lover and makeup fanatic. Her love for makeup is infectious, and her passion for creating a positive impact makes her your favorite beauty girl, who shares all the secrets about the best products. She's a 15 year vet of the industry and a hustler, her experience with television and extensive client list sets her apart. Her ideal bride trusts the experts, loves perfected and  glowing skin, lotsa lash, and a bit of extra glam.

Thrifting pro, mama, family obsessed, and overall easy going babe. Her mama and her beauty regime growing up inspired her to get into the beauty world. A decade in the industry has taken her from the sets of film, tv and commercials in San Francisco, LA and back to the east coast. Her fav wedding days are ones full of brides enjoying being present, paired with her flair for effortless, pretty, natural, and soft glam makes for inside to out radiating beauty.

Mama of 2 fierce baby girls has been following her dreams of flexibility and doing what she loves up and down the east coast. She is all about some drama for your big day makeup and hair swag. Go for the glam, but keep it classic is her overall bridal advice. Bold is her personal style, but she slays it all. Melissa hooks up brows at a local beauty bar when she isn't doing glam and hanging with her friends relaxing and laughing!

Wifey and fur baby mama is a homebody baking sweet treats if she isn't blowing us away with her wedding glam creations. She found her way into the beauty world to help make babes think they can conquer the world after a little makeup/hair, look good - feel good 'ya know. She's super fond of the morning "girl time" before weddings, and loves her some boho princess brides with the messy, big braids. 

Spiritual warrior, mama to a tribe of 4 beautiful beings, and wifey of 26 years. Finding her way through the industry from movie sets to makeup for some pretty powerful and amazing ladies. Passionate and wise, she is always making glam magic with her perfect skin and lashes.  Her beauty style favors focusing on creating looks where you can see the person under the "pretty". VIBESS ALL DAY!

Positive vibe enthusiast, inner beauty worshipper, and nature explorer she is. Felicia found her way into the beauty world through backstage experiences as a ballerina. Friends and family are her heart and soul. Her smile and kindness matched with her ability to serene on a busy, yet fun day is the best. Fav beauty look is ethereal and glowy skin with some contrast on the eyes with lashes. 

Family is everything to this chica. Thriving off good vibes and positive energy, you won't see her without a smile. She keeps us all laughing 24/7. Off days are full of adventures with her man and pup.  Creativity came naturally to her, she's been doing hair and makeup for friends since high school. Her fav brides are the one getting pumped up with a good playlist, love a good bold liner, glowy skin all day, and a pop for lip color. 

Bosslady of JKWbeauty + Peace located in her fav little town Frederick. Mama and wifey // Q2. A believer in all things good in the world, and a hustler. Can't live without some good textured hair, long lashes, a perfect spray tan, and a nude glossy lip. This girl is super into undone, effortless, romantic looks for her clients. She lives for days full of love, good vibes and days full of helping her clients feel like the best version of themselves. 

Makeup Artist

Beautiful mama to three sweet babies and Navy wife. This JKW OG artist comes back to moonlight for jkwbeauty throughout the year. When she isn't being the craftiest girl on earth or decorating her house to perfection, she is refining her hair and makeup skill set or getting her workout on. We love having her in town to share her good energy, smiles, and talents as an assistant hair and makeup stylist. If you are in the southern VA area, you can book her too. Inquire within.



Hair +Makeup Artist


Hair + Makeup Artist